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  • Men

    The Men of Trinity Temple seek to walk in character and integrity, with an ambition to honor God in every facet of life. We seek to be strong and successful role models within our families and community. As godly men, we strive to set the standard for holiness, righteousness and the precedence for prayer, praise and worship.
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  • Women

    The women's ministry promotes spiritual, emotional and physical health of women, while impacting the lives of their family, children, community and the world for the Kingdom of God.
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  • Young Adults

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  • Youth

    We are enhancing the Joshua Generation of youth in our community (Junior and Senior High ministry√Ďage group 12-18) by providing activities and special events to stimulate the spiritual, academic, cultural, and social development of this culture.
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  • Children

    From age 0-12 children start learning their purpose, who God is and the plan God has for their lives through biblical illustrations, arts/crafts, and scripture memorization. It is our goal to prepare young children for the Kingdom of God.
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